Vodka Personalised Enamel Mug
Enamel Mug

Vodka Personalised Enamel Mug

A cute personalised vodka mug is a must have! A fun twist on traditional. Personalised yours however you wish!

These gorgeous personalised enamel mugs are made from steel and coated in bright white enamel paint. Each mug is then hand-finished with blue paint around the rim of the mug. Each personalised mug is therefore totally individual in its finish - we love this unique charm.

We individually engrave each enamel mug. As these mugs are not printed this engraved detailing will stand the test of time.

To personalise your enamel mug simply enter your chosen details into the personalisation boxes. We can't wait to engrave your personalised enamel mug.

made from:

White enamel mug.


8cm tall and 8cm diameter.