Calligraphy 'Engaged' Wooden Cake Topper
Calligraphy 'Engaged' Wooden Cake Topper
Calligraphy 'Engaged' Wooden Cake Topper
Calligraphy 'Engaged' Wooden Cake Topper
Cake Topper

Calligraphy 'Engaged' Wooden Cake Topper

A high quality, beautiful 'Engaged' cake topper. A lovely finishing touch to any engagement cakes. Featuring a beautiful, calligraphy style type.

Our fabulous cake toppers are a spectacular way to finish off any special cake. A brilliant, high quality finishing touch - perfect for engagement parties! These are very popular and can transform your cake instantly.

Available in five different sizes to suit all cakes to ensure that they suit your celebration perfectly! These cake toppers really are a fun, slightly rustic finishing touch.

Simply add to the top of your cake and transform your cake immediately!

Each cake topper can be positioned using the stem to either sit flush with your cake or to hover above any decoration, as shown in our photography. To adjust the positioning of the topper simply slide further into your cake.

made from:

Expertly designed & laser cut from 3mm Norwegian birch wood or a slightly richer cherry wood.

Care Instructions: Gently clean with warm water before use


Available in 5 Topper Sizes: [Width x Height]

13cm x 5cm - 9cm Stem

14.5cm x 5.5cm - 10cm Stem

16cm x 6cm - 11cm Stem

17.5cm x 6.5cm - 12cm Stem

19cm x 7cm - 13cm Stem

Example Shown is a 23cm Wide & 13cm Tall Cake - Cake Topper is Wooden 19cm x 7cm with 13cm Stem