What Type of Wedding Cake Topper Should You Choose?

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The wedding cake is a pivotal feature of your celebration! Despite seeming like a small detail, the cake topper is an enduring symbol of love and togetherness in wedding culture. Whether it's a classic representation of the couple or a playful nod that gets a laugh from your guests (like the classic groom engrossed in video games while the bride looks on in mock exasperation), choosing the right topper is essential for the perfect finishing touch on your cake. Here are some insightful tips and ideas for selecting the ideal cake topper.

The Tradition of Wedding Cake Toppers

Originating over a century ago, wedding cake toppers have brought charm to the top tier of countless wedding cakes. Their roots can be traced back to the medieval era when a small figurine or symbol atop the cake was believed to bring good fortune and prosperity to the newlyweds.

The mid-19th century, particularly during the extravagant wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, marked the rise in popularity of elaborate cake toppers. By the early 20th century, figurines representing the bride and groom became commonplace, with the designs reflecting the couple’s attire and personalities.

Today, the variety of wedding cake toppers has expanded to include everything from adorable animal figures to custom monograms and even silhouettes, allowing every couple to express their unique style.

Exploring Different Types of Cake Toppers

Wondering about your options? From the classic to the quirky, we explore some popular types of cake toppers below:

Traditional Wedding Cake Toppers

The quintessential choice, traditional cake toppers typically feature a bride and groom figurine atop the cake. These are crafted from materials such as porcelain, plastic, or crystal, often showcasing intricate details that can include lifelike representations of the couple.

Personalised Wedding Cake Toppers

Add a personal flair with a topper that includes your names and wedding date. Available in materials like wood, acrylic, or glass, these can be personalised to align with your wedding theme or colour scheme.

Humorous Wedding Cake Toppers

For a touch of whimsy, opt for a humorous topper that reflects your playful side. Whether it's a bride dragging her groom or a duo on a motorcycle, these fun figures are made from resin, plastic, or even paper, offering a lighthearted twist to your cake design.

Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers

For elegance and sophistication, consider a monogram topper featuring your combined initials, crafted from plastic, wood, or other materials, and tailored to complement your wedding décor.

Floral Wedding Cake Toppers

Incorporate natural beauty with a floral topper, using real or silk flowers like roses, daisies, or peonies that harmonise with your wedding flowers and palette.

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

Showcase your personalities with a topper based on your hobbies or interests—from skiing to wildlife, make it uniquely yours.

Selecting the Perfect Wedding Cake Topper

When choosing a topper, consider these elements:

  • Personal Style: Reflect your wedding theme and your personalities.
  • Budget: Toppers vary in price—set your budget accordingly.
  • Durability: Opt for high-quality materials that last.
  • Meaningfulness: Choose a topper that holds significance for you both.

Also, think about the topper’s size and placement to ensure it complements your cake’s design.


Though small, the right cake topper plays a big role in your wedding, adding a personal or fun touch to your celebration. Whether classy or whimsical, floral or monogrammed, the ideal cake topper should mirror your theme and personal style, making your wedding cake a memorable symbol of your love and unity.

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