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Acrylic vs. Wooden Wedding Cake Toppers: Which Finish is Right for You?
Choosing between wooden and acrylic wedding cake toppers depends on your wedding theme. Wooden toppers add rustic charm, perfect for country weddings. For a modern twist, opt for mirrored, floating, or glitter acrylic toppers to add sparkle and sophistication. With up to 60 colours and materials available, you can customise your topper to perfectly match your style. Explore our collection at Sophia Victoria Joy and make your wedding cake unforgettable.
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What Type of Wedding Cake Topper Should You Choose?

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake Topper

From the classic elegance of traditional figurines to personalized touches that capture your unique style, selecting the right wedding cake topper is more than just an aesthetic choice—it's a celebration of your love and personality. Whether you opt for a humorous representation that gives your guests a chuckle or a stylish monogram that spells out your shared initials, the right topper not only complements your cake but also enhances your wedding theme. Discover how to pick a cake topper that is as special and unique as your big day.

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Time for Cake!
Here at Sophia Victoria Joy, we all agree there is nothing better in life than a nice, big slice of cake! One of the best parts of a good wedding or party is the moment you get to devour the delicious cake...
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